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Because you have chosen to take action today, you have a one-time opportunity to upgrade your Cheat Your Way Thin order to include a detailed one-on-one jump-start email consultation directly with me, 12 weeks of done-for-you meal plans, over 130 delicious recipes, 7 powerful fat-melting workouts, and the Cheat Your Way Thin Easy Calorie Calcultor
all while saving an additional $635 in the process.

The Cheat Your Way Thin Deluxe
Upgrade includes:

deluxe extras

Everything from the Basic Package, plus these FIVE extremely valuable add-ons:

Upgrade Component #1:  A One-on-One Jump-start Consultation Directly with Me
($247 value) – In the Deluxe version of the Cheat Your Way Thin program, I am including one of the most valuable bonuses I could ever possibly give you as part of this package:  a real, one-on-one email-based consultation with me.

The fact of the matter is this—no matter how complete any program or package is, it’s still very likely that after going through the information you’ll have several questions that are highly specific and unique to you as an individual.  If you’ve bought any book or product before, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

That said, buy a book in the bookstore and your chances of getting those questions answered by the actual author are about as close to zero as it gets.

Not here.

With this extremely valuable add-on, not only will you get all of your questions answered, but you’ll get them answered directly by me (not by “some guy” on my staff or my assistant).

Here is how it works:  once you’ve had the chance to go through all the information, simply send me an email with any pending questions you may have via the special instructions provided with your Deluxe package, and within 24-48 hours you will have detailed answers waiting for you in your inbox.  And, if it takes another quick email or two to make sure we have you all set up for success, I’ll make sure to take care of you.

Because my general consulting fees start at $247/hour (and because it is impossible for me to respond to the hundreds of emails I receive daily otherwise), this bonus alone pays for the cost of the Deluxe upgrade 5 times over.

meal plansUpgrade Component #2:  84 Days of Done-for-You Meal Plans ($147 Value) – In addition to the one-on-one consultation, I’m also going to provide you with 84 days of completely “done-for -you” Cheat Your Way Thin meal plans.

These meal plans have been specifically created for the Cheat Your Way Thin program by my good friend and Registered Dietician Jayson Hunterthe man when it comes to making healthy food taste great.

That’s a full three months of daily, meal-by-meal menus to further make what is the easiest fat loss program you’ll ever come across even easier.

But I didn't stop there; to further make the Deluxe package as "done-for-you" as possible, I also recruited Jayson to design more than 130 mouth-watering recipes specifically for the Cheat Your Way Thin program:

recipesUpgrade Component #3:  130+ Cheat Your Way Thin Recipes
($97 Value) – Looking for some really fresh ideas to give your meal plans even more “umph” and flavor?  Then look no further than Jayson's Cheat Your Way Thin recipes.  In this absolutely killer recipe book you’ll find breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and shake recipes that will literally have you wondering if you’re on a “diet” at any point during the entire program.

Simply put, healthy food doesn’t have to suck.  And these recipes will prove it to you time and time again, all while being just as friendly to your waistline as they are to your            taste buds!

workoutsUpgrade Component #4:  Cheat Your Way Thin Workouts ($197 Value) – People regularly pay me $197 for exercise program design, but when you invest in the Cheat Your Way Thin Deluxe package I’m going to give you not one, not two, but SEVEN of my best fat-annihilating workouts, all of which take less than 20 minutes of your time and require no or very little equipment.

And these aren't just some "extra" workouts I'm throwing in. I created these workouts were specifically for this program to synergistically work with the set up and timing of the diet in order to bring your results to a whole new level.

Another cool thing about the workouts you'll be getting?  They've been clinically proven to increase metabolism for up to 48-hours after your workout is complete.  That means that you can be sitting there watching television and you’ll still be burning calories from the workout you did yesterday.  How awesome is that? 

Minimal time, maximal results, even faster fat loss.  These workouts will without a doubt make a world of difference.

calculatorUpgrade Component #5:  The Cheat Your Way Thin Calorie Calculator ($47 Value) – In the Cheat Your Way Thin Program Manual, I give you two choices for determining the quantity of food you’ll eat at each meal:  either the portion method or the calorie method.

For those who like to be a little more precise (or if you’d simply like to try both to see which works best for you), I’m including an exceptionally easy to use calorie calculator that will give you all of the numbers you need to know for each type of day without ever having to deal with a single formula or calculation.

As you can see, the total value of the Deluxe upgrades is a whopping $735.  Add that to the $419 main package and you've got:

$1,154 in real, solid value

But once again, because I really want to see you experience success and get the results you truly deserve,  I’m going to give you another phenomenal deal.  When you order today, you can get the entire thing—the $419 main package PLUS the $735 in Deluxe upgrades (which includes the certificate for a detailed email consultation with me)—at the seriously discounted less than half price of:


I told you, I am seriously going all out to give you extreme value at the lowest possible price because I WANT you to finally get access to information that WORKS..

That said, the Deluxe Package is only available as an add-on to today’s order (not available at any other time as a separate purchase).

deluxe bundle

$1,154 in total value for $197
(92% of our clients who have lost 25 lbs or more have used this package)

Grab the Deluxe "Done-For-You" Package now, because it really is a “one-time” offer.


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No thanks, just the $97 basic package please.  I realize that the Deluxe Upgrade is only available as an add-on to my current order today (and at no other time), but I’m okay with that.


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